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The Last Chapter

This sounds like quite a strnage title for the first journal entry currently visible on my LJ. I'm not talking about this being ht elast chapte rin my journal or a book or anything, however. I'm wanting to write, like three years ago when I originally started Becoming Astrid, about my mental health, and in this respect, we've in some ways reached a final chapter.

Back in 2013, when I started Becoming Astrid, I had just been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I still had an autism/Asperge'rs diagnosis to go along with it, which meant i could claim I wasn't really the emotional manipulator borderlines are often seen as.

Fast forward three years and my autism diagnosis is gone. It's now called a developmental disorder not otherwise specified. Not pervaisve developmental disorder, just developmental disorder. I have absolutely no clue what this means.

The borderlien personality disorder diagnosis has bee reduced to just BPD traits. Lastly, a dependent personality disorder diagnosis was added. I am too tired, in the middle of the night and with sleep medication kicking in, to explain allt he complexities of how I feel about this. I feel anger, sadness, confusion all at once.

Now as to why this is th elast chapter. My treatment team and I have been fighting for months to get me a correct diagnosis and now they've decided that this is it. Whether I agree with it or not, this diagnosis is going to get onto my paperwork for follow-up care.